Cris Molina is an artist that translates vision into memorable images.

Chilean Born Cris Molina is an award-winning artist with a unique style, personal lighting approach, and exquisite composition who garnered worldwide recognition. Molina’s photography is timeless and captivating.

His work could be considered suggestive, but his style evokes uniqueness and sensuality and reflects passion. He resonates with his audience; the reason is simple: he incites the senses. Molina has the extraordinary power and gift to create emotion in a photograph.

“I’m a provocateur. My passion Is to engage audiences…”

His keen understanding of architecture allows Molina to create harmony between striking a bold statement and delivering an effective composition that captivates audiences. His clean lines and strong forms characterize Molina’s work. This graphic simplicity allows his images to be felt and read.

His photography has been the subject of international accolades and exhibitions. Two of his most recent collections feature Molina’s signature style.

December 2018, Art Basel, Miami. A collection entitled “Hyper Black and White.”
December 2019, Art Basel, Miami. A collection entitled “Silhouettes.”

Cris has realized a body of work as a creative director, art collaborator, gallery founder, and entrepreneur alongside his artistic practice. He founded The Photographer’s Gallery in Washington. DC, where he continues to serve as Director. Molina resides in Miami, Florida, and immerses himself in his relentless work.